History of Newport Civil Service AFC

Newport Civil Service were founded in 1963. Initially they worked their way through the Newport and District League system before achieving Gwent County League status. They made an impact at that level in the 1980s, winning Division 3 in 1987–88 and Division 2 the following season. In Civil's first season in Division 1 (1989–90) they swept to 2nd in the League and captured the Gwent Challenge Cup for the first time.   

Civil finally attained promotion to the Welsh Football League in the 2007–08 season. Newport Civil Service had a fantastic season, and were unbeaten for nearly a whole season, although local Malpas Rivals Albion Rovers beat them first game of the season, but it was Cwmffrwdoer Sports who put a stop to the unbeaten run. Civil applied again to be promoted to Welsh league only to be rejected twice by the Welsh League. 

After a lot more hard work Civil applied one last time and were accepted.Newport Civil Service F.C are currently running 3 teams, the first team are playing in the Gwent County Division 1 League, the second team are playing in Newport and District Division 1 and the third team playing in Newport and District Division 3.

Newport Civil Service AFC Badge